Banners Of Blood
- February 11, 2021 (CD)
- n/a
- Orlok - vocals, bass
- Valgard - guitars
- Mortüüm - drums
- Häxa - keyboards, acoustic guitars
Recorded and mixed between July and December 2020.

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Banners Of Blood
by Countess
1. Sword Of The Millennia
2. Below The Sky
3. Wall Of The North
4. Ledovoye Poboishche
5. Night Of The Fallen
6. Banners Of Blood
7. Pagan Man
8. Fall Of The Achaemenid Empire
9. Slachting Der Saksen
10. Last Man Of Honour
11. Toortsen Uit Het Verleden
12. Sword Symphony

1. Sword Of The Millennia

The sword was wielded in the past and future
Many times the blade broken and forged anew
Before the dawn of time it was created
In mythical caves filled with fire and doom

The sword was there at many pivotal moments
Throughout the bloody pages of history
Alexander wielded the blade against Persia
The hammer stood tall against the Saracen

Sword of the millennia
Blade of divine steel
Sword of the millennia
Its power all shall feel

Great lords and kings carried the sword
To forge great glory or find their doom
No living soul knows the blade's true name
Yet countless times it wrought man's destiny

Its magical steel wrought by runes of might
Countless times lost and sought and found
For years hidden 'neath the chapel of doom
Until the heretic once more wore the blade

2. Below The Sky

In the stars I see the faces of my gods
In the air I sense the power of their presence
My temples are the forests and the lakes
My statues are the mountains and the trees

With my gods I stride
Filled with strength and pride

Below the sky
Where dwell the gods great
I walk my path
The road of my fate

In the wind I hear the voice of the wanderer
In the storm I feel the might of the hammer
My faith is a way of life not a set of rules
My faith is who I am not whom I serve

With my gods I prevail
By their side I shall not fail

I hear the voice
Of the great gods of yore
I listen to the words
Of those who came before

Like those who came before
And those who are yet to be
I am their flesh and blood
Proud I stand and free

In my blood I hear the song of my gods
In my flesh I feel their glory and might
My gods are of those who came before
My gods are of those who are yet to come

With my gods I evolve
Together all mystery we shall resolve

Below the sky
Where dwell the gods great
I walk my path
The road of my fate
By the hammer and by blood
My kin and gods I revere
I walk my path
Without guilt, without fear

3. Wall Of The North

Mighty alien armies ride
Come to invade our soil
Soon our steel to be tried
Thousands of Europe's elite
Riding towards the south
Soon our foe shall we meet

Heavy well-trained infantry
Shall clash with their cavalry
With discipline and battle skill
Our enemies' blood shall we spill

We secure the high ground
Now they must charge uphill
Soon the horns of battle sound
At last the invaders attack
And firm we stand our ground
Our lands they will not sack

The foe tries to break our ranks
They meet the swords of the Franks
Today to Europe shall belong
An epic triumph worthy of song

Strong we stand, like a wall
Like a sea that can't be moved
Swords do strike, fierce we fight
Our might in battle we have proved

"In the thick of battle the men of the North seemed like a sea that could not be moved.
Firm they stood, close to one another, forming as it were a wall of ice;
and with great blows of their swords, they struck down the Arabs"
(Chronicle of 754)

Their king We have slain
All enemies flee before us
By night they retreat in pain
Many fell in their flight
When the morning comes again
No enemies anywhere in sight

In bloody battle we did prevail
For Europe's sake we did not fail
Our hated foe we have driven away
For we are the hunters not prey

Strong we stood, like a wall
Sons of Europe united all
Swords did strike, fierce we fought
Their invasion brought to nought

4. Ledovoye Poboishche

напали на наши земли
мы будем бороться
сталь нашу не свергнуть

Если захватят деревни
С нами Александр Невский
он поведёт нас к победе
Против тевтонской. Орды

Рыцари рвутся в атаку
мы заманили их к озеру
Скрежет мечей и Молотов
На замерзающем льду

Брызжет кровь из нашей стали
Битва разъярённая
Навсегда запомнится
Ледовое побоище

Долгих часов битва
Невский зовёт нашу конницу
Наша пехота отважная
Несёт нам победу важную

Падают трупы воинов
Сломленных противников
В страхе бегут рыцари
Проваливаясь под лёд

Погибли и наши воины
Но дело их великое
Больше не смогут рыцари
Двигаться на восток

Брызжет кровь из нашей стали
Битва разъярённая
Навсегда запомнится
Ледовое побоище

5. Night Of The Fallen

The haematite triangle is drawn inside the circle
The magician lights the candles and the fire in the brazier
The names of the demons to be conjured he does recite
Forty-eight of the fallen to be unleashed this Easter night

“Lucifuge Rofocale – arise, arise!”
The entity appears – bound by a pact
The sorcerer commands – the great demon
To roam the earth – with his minions
To be released – from Hell mouth
To do as they will – until the dawn
“Lucifuge Rofocale – begone, begone!”
The demon vanishes – like a flame

Holding his wand the magician now leaves the circle
Striding towards the altar covered by the naked girl
His rod touches her belly and she goes up in fire
The wizard proceeds to call forth the lesser spirits dire

“Agares, Gamygyn – Valefor, obey me!
Barbatos, Paimon – Sytry, obey me!
Lerajie, Eligor – Zepar, obey me!
Ayporos, Haborym – Naberius, obey me!
Asmoday, Furfur – Halpas, obey me!
Saburac, Andras – Andrealphus, obey me!
Amduscias, Dantalian – Belial, obey me!”
All horrible demons – now to roam free . . .

The evil spirits wreak havoc all over the globe
Natural disasters, catastrophes and wars occur
The ritual gone awry the world trembles in fear
No way to stop the legion the Last Death is here

The wizard summons – Lucifuge Rofocale
Instead of the demon – the Sabbath Goat appears
He thanks the magician – Armageddon has come
The tablets are broken – the Law itself is gone
The monk thrusts the cross – it explodes in his hands
Heaven’s hosts failed – all Hell is loose
The war is over – world without end
End without world – god is dead

6. Banners Of Blood

Upon the mountain the dismal tyrant stands
Lies in his eyes, stone tablets in hands
Ignorant slaves in numbers flock his call
They worship in vain their prophet shall fall

Across many lands the slaves they dwell
Ensnared by the tyrant’s false-hearted spell
Doing his bidding without question or thought
So the prophet’s reign of slander is wrought

Raise the banners of blood
Fly the flags of hate
Behind the banners we ride
The tyrant-prophet we shall fight

Across deserts and mountains and over the seas
Everywhere nothing but ancient lies sound
Cultures are crushed by the laws of the lie
Once noble tribes now shackled and bound

For centuries the rule of the prophet endures
Bleak oppression the dread fate of the world
All are powerless against the tyrant’s rule
Until the holy banners of blood are unfurled

Raise the banners of blood
Fly the flags of hate
Behind the banners we ride
The false fall beneath our might

After ages of woe chosen warriors rise
Fathered by those who still rule the skies
Their divine blood and celestial steel
Shall squash the lies the slaves shall kneel

The banners fly with defiance and pride
All lies and deceit are crushed by their might
Scriptures burn in the holy fires of rage
Blood and steel forge a new golden age

Raise the banners of blood
Fly the flags of hate
Behind the banners we ride
With burning steel reclaim our pride

7. Pagan Man

I hid in the shadows for a millennium
And yet I always stood by your side
For centuries I was almost forgotten
In veils of obscurity forced to hide

You know who I am
I am the pagan man

You have seen glimpses of my face
But looked past my familiar sight
You have heard shards of my song
But failed to comprehend its might


Out of the mists of oblivion I ride
Who I am you shall know once more
I will take you back to who you were
In the sacred glorious days of yore


You know who I am
I am you

8. Fall Of The Achaemenid Empire

An ancient realm, wealthy and strong
The largest empire the earth had seen
Stretching across the whole known world
The most advanced society there had been

Under the rule of the king of kings
Many nations subjugated by its might
For centuries the empire throve
Until on Greece the kings set their sight

Darius the Great conquered many lands
Made many Greek cities part of his domains
But rebellion broke out in 499 BC
The Greeks fighting the Persian chains

The Persians were defeated at Marathon
But war would continue for many a year
Darius' son Xerxes once again invaded
Yet his massive army the Greeks did not fear

Xerxes managed to sack and loot Athens
But his massive invasion was ill-fated
The Persian navy crushed at Salamis
At Plataea and Mycale his army obliterated

The tides of war had decisively turned
The empire's territory in Europe gone
Through shifting and uneasy alliances
To their influence in Greece they held on

Xenophon's march opened many Greek
To the wealth and weakness of the empire
The Greeks boldly went on the offensive
Soon the Persian realm to go down in fire

Rebellion weakened the once great realm
While the Greeks for once stood as one
United behind the Macedon king
The last king of kings soon to be gone

Glory at Granicus and Gaugamela
The capital city fell in 330 BC
Alexander crushed all the foe's forces
Of the Persian yoke the Greeks now free

9. Slachting Der Saksen

In het Europa van de achtste eeuw
Voerde koning Karel een wrede strijd
Tegen de fiere heidense Saksen
Tot de doop waren zij niet bereid

In zijn vuig streven tot bekering
Was de koning genadeloos en wreed
Ieder verzet bloedig onderdrukt
Karel verbreidde treurnis en leed

In het jaar 772
Vernietigde hij de heilige pilaar
Om de goden voorgoed te verbannen
Maar de Saksen bleven strijdbaar

Moedig boden de heidenen weerstand
Zij vochten dapper tegen de vorst
Maar velen vielen toch ten prooi
Aan Karels godvruchtige bloeddorst

“Si quis deinceps in gente Saxonorum inter eos latens non baptizatus
se abscondere voluerit et ad baptismum venire contempserit
paganusque permanere voluerit, morte moriatur.”
(Capitulatio de partibus Saxoniae, c. Saeculo VIII)

In het jaar 782
Onderdrukte de koning een opstand
Waar Aller en Weser samenvloeien
Bleek Karel een vreselijke vijand

Vierduizend en vijfhonderd Saksen
Werden allen door onthoofding gedood
Zij weigerden hun goden af te zweren
De hele rivier kleurde bloedrood

10. Last Man Of Honour

I witness the end of the old ways
I face the dawn of the modern age
My fathers cry beyond the grave
My culture dies I feel their rage

On the grim altar of progress
All I held dear is turned to dust
The meaning of honour to be lost
Corruption is king and bow we must
Bow we must

Battle no longer a matter of honour
War has become a faceless industry
Heritage no longer has any value
There is no more use for chivalry

Yet I shall not bow, I shall fight
For all that I believe to be right
I gather men who still are true
To the lofty world once we knew
Once we knew

Last man of honour, standing with pride
Strong and defiant, steel by my side
My cause may be hopeless and though I shall fall
I die with honour, gallant and tall

Polish my blade and saddle my steed
One more time into battle I ride
The new order shall face my wrath
For our blood, our honour, our pride

I meet the enemy of the field of woe
Long I stand against a stronger foe
Until at last my blade is shattered
And I must fall, torn and battered
Torn and battered


11. Toortsen Uit Het Verleden

In de duisternis van het heden
Ontsteken wij toortsen uit het verleden
Gebroken staal opnieuw gesmeed
In bloed zal verdrinken het oude leed
Haat gegroeid door tientallen eeuwen
Zal nu het einde betekenen van velen
Jehovah’s tijdperk eindigt spoedig
In wrede strijd, gewelddadig en bloedig

Wetten zwijgen als wapens spreken
De strijd tegen god wordt nu gestreden
Geen genade voor zijn volgelingen
Uit bloed en haat herrijst het verleden

Wrede wolven verslinden nu de schapen
De slaven gods zullen nooit meer rustig slapen
Ons is de wraak na eeuwen van schande
De huizen gods zullen in onze haat branden
Een gruwelijk lot wacht al Jehovah’s slaven
Aan hun weke harten zullen wij ons laven
In ere hersteld onze oude goden
Voor altijd verbannen de woestijngeboden


12. Sword Symphony

In the great hall of the king
Suddenly an old stranger strode
A blue cloak, a grey beard
In the tree he planted the sword

The man who could pull the blade
Free from the mighty ancient trunk
To this hero the weapon would belong
Invincibility upon him bestowed

Many warriors in the king's hall
Forcefully tried to take the sword
But the only man who succeeded
Was Sigmund, as the god intended

Soon the sword become the cause
Of bloody betrayel among kinsmen
By a lying coward's schemes
The sword of Volsung's son stolen

Treacherous Siggeir killed Volsung
Left Sigmund and his brothers to die
Sigmund alone survived the ordeal
And years lived as a wolf in the wood

His twin sister, bound to the traitor
Took fate in her hands by magic
And bore a son to her twin brother
To avenge her siblings and father

Sigmund at last came out of the wood
With his son to exact revenge
The sword returned to his hands
The divine blade struck down his foes

Long hard travels and bitter feuds
Eventful was the life of Sigmund
Much fame and glory bestowed upon him
But suffering and sorrow befell him too

Again he proudly rode into battle
As always the blade slew many enemies
When in the midst of battle like a ghost
The old man suddenly appeared before him

The stranger swung his mighty spear
And split the perfect sword in two
Without the blade, by enemies engulfed
Sigmund lost his life on the field

Years later both halves were made
Whole again by a mighty dwarf
Again the sword would harvest glory
And carve into history Siegfried's name