Doomed To Live
- 1994 (Livetape)
- n/a
- Orlok - vocals, bass
- Imogem - guitars
- Othalaz - guitars
- Sablast - drums
Recorded live at 'LVP' in Leiden on May 29, 1994.

Doomed To Live
by Countess
1. Intro
2. Crossing The Fires Of Darkness
3. Deisidaimonia
4. Highland Victory
5. Into Battle
6. Endless Mist / Crypt of the Wolves
7. Under The Sign Of The Celtic Cross
8. Aleidis
9. Kneel Before The Master's Throne
10. Doomed To Die
11. Messenger of the Underworld (Alastis cover)

1. Intro


2. Crossing The Fires Of Darkness

Seven blazing gates to cross
Before I reach my goal
Seven purifying porches
For my parting soul
After life my soul takes flight
Into the eternal night
Heading down the blazing lane
To Satan's promising domain

Seven blazing gates......

Crossing the fires of darkness
Raise the excluding spell
Passing the thresholds of timeless
Leaping right into Hell
Treelike flames surround my spirit
On its way so darkly lit
A road untrodden, all floating round.
Underneath no solid ground

Seven blazing gates......
Crossing the fires......

Soon I will behold the highest
Lowest prince in all His might
I will join His ranks infernal
And worship Him in this inferno

3. Deisidaimonia

Tread the Path of Destiny
Walk under the Sign
Guided by the light of Set
Will the moon ever shine?

Eternal desert lies ahead
The smile of Azazel
Whisper an ancient incantation
Cast an unholy spell

Descend into the darkest chamber
Celebrations of sin
Worship of Evil so much older
Than Prometheus' kin

Weird reality surrounds the chosen
Deep in Midgard's womb
Taste the smell of absurdity
In this infernal tomb

Manifestation on the altar
Pray to eternal truth
Sacrifice through fear and lust
Virgin flesh so smooth

Awake in forest of nowhere
Symphony through the haze
Innocent blood drowning your soul
The skyline is ablaze

4. Highland Victory

Black Duncan recovered himself for a moment
Then he took his Lochaber-axe
He swayed his arm in the air
Dashed forward, and with a last fierce blow
He split in two the thick skull of Rannoch.
The fight had ended
The storm took full possession of the inn again
The slain Rannoch was dragged away
The Duncan taken care of
And the game continued.
Few days later Black Duncan rode forth again
The fierce gale had passed over
As always, there was still a fresh Nordic wind
But the skies were clear and blue
with only a few white clouds
There was still a long way to go.

5. Into Battle


6. Endless Mist / Crypt of the Wolves

7. Under The Sign Of The Celtic Cross

The druid slept under the oak
A lone raven whispered evil words
Called to Lugh lord of battle
Followed the spear to hail & kill

Hordes of Gog & Magog in the sky
Under the sign into war we marched
Filled the forests with blood of priests
Defended our race with honour & pride

Slaughtering disciples of holy lies
Pain we never felt only hate
Protecting our secret country in fury
But too many liars came to our lands

Facing defeat with unbowed heads
For centuries the light of day they ruled
But in the dark night Celtic rites prevailed

Now the druid has awakened
Lost sword found the raven flies again
Sons of coldness & woods return
Our ancestors will be avenged at last

Again we march under the sign
Once more soil will mix with blood
Deny the preachers of love & peace
Join the proud legions to hail & kill

Days of darkness & evil await us
In storms and rain we fight again
Showing no mercy to cowards and traitors
Out of chaos new order to arise

Pure tribes will ride into glory again
The millennium of light soon to fall
The Celtic rites will now prevail forever

8. Aleidis

I came to the old house in the dark night
I felt only a dark sensation, but no fright
The strange old man's words ran through my mind
In this unholy place, what would I find?

I entered the mansion, thinking I was alone
I saw a strange, ancient gravestone
Suddenly a woman's voice whispered my name
Or was the old man playing a silly game?

Aleidis came to me unimaginably beautiful
Dressed in white, while the moon was full
Suddenly I felt overcome by an unholy desire
But was she just young or an ages old vampire?

Maybe she was just a portrait, or a figment of my sick mind
But whatever the truth, she was the best wife I'd ever find
I loved her in a way I had never even known
But would the blood my love needed soon be my own?

She used to kill animals and suck their blood
She belonged to Satan, her soul lost by God
One day at last, she made my neck her unholy teeth feel
Now we are joined for eternity, but is this all real?

9. Kneel Before The Master's Throne

I sold my soul in a cold & dark past
Infernal contract signed with evil blood
Gave 1000 years of earthly pleasures
Now I hear my Master calling me His child
I see the bridge glowing in the dark
Across the bridge of death I must walk
A godforsaken path to the eternal fire
Final part of the evil road I walked
Before long I will enter Hell and......

Dark desires of lust & evil in mind & soul
At last in Hell I will meet the Countess
Reward for lives of total darkness
Unholy 13 lives I lived on earth
Faithfully spreading the Horned One's gospel
Crossed the bridge I enter His kingdom
Halls of Hell full of fire & brimstone
Sword of thunder & steel still by my side
Before long I will see my Master and......

10. Doomed To Die

Hear the reap of Armageddon, see the fire scorch the sky
Watch the sorcerer awaken, millennium of evil dreams
Altars red of evil rites, faithful feel their glory near
Possessed warriors go berserk, blood reddens the moon
Ancient lords return to earth, now evil finally prevails
Mortals run but cannot hide, pray to god to no avail
Total destruction delights demons, satisfies the Antichrist
Witches sing, evil chorus, mankind surely is now . . .

. . . DOOMED TO DIE, christ did lie
. . . DOOMED TO DIE, the heavens cry

Hear the bells of evil chime, undead legions march from Hell
Heed the call of hate & war, feel the winds of mayhem blow
Blasphemy & victory, the Master hath returned
Take His hand with no fear now, enter his eternal realm
Sound the charge, into battle, fiery chariots ride the sky
Holding high the banner black, hailed by strong ones & the wise
Side by side into the war, at last the prophecy fulfilled
Witches sing, evil chorus, the universe forever now . . .

. . . DOOMED TO DIE, god did lie
. . . DOOMED TO DIE, the angels cry

11. Messenger of the Underworld (Alastis cover)