Into Battle
- February 24, 2017 (Cassette, CD)
- New Era Productions / Heidens Hart
- Orlok - vocals, bass
- Zagan - rhythm and lead guitars
- Othalaz - rhythm guitars
- Warhead - drums
Recorded live at MvM in Schiedam, November 2, 1996. Engineered by John Goodenough. Mixed at G's Spot in Schiedam, November 5-6, 1996 by John Goodenough and Countess.

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1. The Priest Must Die

When the moon is full oh let him cry
Kill the priest, the priest must die
Smash his face, break his bones
Let morbid laughter drown his moans

Slave of lies, puppet of God
Eat his heart, drink his blood
Burning hate will conquer love
See the wolf rip to shreds the dove

When the moon is full oh let him cry
Kill the priest, the priest must die
Smash his face, break his bones
Let morbid laughter drown his moans

2. Fire & Blood

Mountains engulfed by darkness
Campfires blazing in the night
Ten thousand warriors gathered
The fires their only light

Now let the sacrificial blood flow
To appease the war gods
A great battle is at hand
We must fight against the odds

The enemy awaits us
Ahead lies victory or death
Steel cuts through flesh
Breathe your last breath
Blood flows everywhere
The woods are turning red
Spears fly and hammers clash
My sword severs your head

Force of life and omen of death
Blood colours my sword red
We find glory on this battlefield
Where so many fought and bled
Once every man must die
If not by the spear by old age
Worthy are only honour and pride
So on the battlefield I rage

3. Bloed In De Sneeuw

Oude toortsen zijn opnieuw ontstoken
Onze ketenen voor altijd gebroken
Niet langer door valse moraal geknecht
Halen wij met vuur en staal ons recht

Bloed vloeit in de sneeuw
Hoort 't gebrul van Neêrlands leeuw
Ziet de laffe verraders beven
Beter vrij te sterven dan geknecht te leven

De slavenkoning en diens volgelingen
Zullen wij verslaan met magische ringen
Tot Wodan bidden wij andermaal
Onze zielen en zwaarden hard als staal


Door mist en regen, wind en kou
Rijden wij trots, gelaten zo grauw
Grimmig en o zo vastberaden
Ditmaal kennen wij geen genade

Donar zal ons weer beschermen
Onze vijanden zullen kermen
Onze zwaarden rood van bloed en roest
Nu gebeurt wat gebeuren moest


Het rijk van Jehovah is gevallen
Ziet de lijken van zijn vazallen
Gezuiverd is nu onze geboortegrond
Ziet de nieuwe heidense morgenstond

4. The Wrath Of Satan's Whore

Into the noblest blood the Master's seed was sown
Married to gain Hungary's throne
Evil's incarnation, supreme in her day
Her deeds beyond words to her people's dismay
More than six times a hundred maidens fair
Lured into the countess' castle unaware
Dark lady of Hungary obsessed by blood
The virgins trapped in Hell cries in vain to God

Shed your blood oh virgins pure
To feed the wrath of Satan's whore
You've been chosen to let your blood
To make the mistress live for evermore

Gallons of blood she took for vampiric abuse
And for years nobody dared to accuse
But too many virgins vanished on her road to despair
Butchered by cruel servants in the countess' lair
Parents wailing while their daughters disappear
Her people for ages dwelt in terror and fear
Until at last she was caught and tried
Convicted and lacking her bloody diet she died

Cut off the source of virgins pure
Who fed the wrath of Satan's whore
Yet deep within her castle's endless halls
Linger still Erzs├ębet's desperate calls

5. Ritual Of The 7 Priests

Blasting through the blackened sky
Knowing not but knowing still
Lost all sense of place and time
Yet filled with an evil thrill
Awakening in the black cathedral
Departing the dimensional gates
No need for any explanation
Knowing the task that awaits
Full moon shines in utter darkness
The hour of midnight drawing near
Tonight 13 the bells will chime
Tonight the holy tremble in fear

Behold the 7 innocent maidens
Behold the 7 velvet altars
Behold the 7 southern crosses
Behold . . .
Behold the 7 evil priests
Behold the 7 silver chalices
Behold the 7 silver daggers
Behold . . .

Sacrifices have been made, thunder and lightning appear
Rejoice in hideous blasphemy, know that the time is near

The chosen hail the Master well, lusting for hate and scorn
Crying out in evil ecstasy, "the Antichrist is born!"

6. De Gift Der Goden

In tijden reeds lang vervlogen
Aanbaden wij onze ware goden
Gebroken werd de Romeinse macht
Met moed en eer, met trouw en kracht
Maar door ons koude staal verslagen
Bleven d'indringers ons belagen
Met een vals geloof en zonder gevecht
Onze voorvad'ren alsnog geknecht

Waarlijk, de godenschemering volbracht
Hamer verruild voor kruis, trots voor onmacht
Maar Hij die voor wijsheid een oog heeft gelaten
Wist dat Zijn volk hun goden zouden verlaten
En Hij die doolt wilde hen behoeden voor deze val
Dus brouwden de goden een magische gift in hun hal
Om het oude geloof diep verborgen in hun zielen te bewaren
Ook al zou de Christus heersen, vele en vele jaren

De gift der goden
Overleefde de doden
De gift der goden
Weerstond de geboden

Talloze eeuwen gekomen en gegaan
De gift heeft barre tijden doorstaan
Geslacht op geslacht doorgegeven
De verborgen machten zullen leven
Het valse geloof teruggedrongen
Oeroude liederen wederom gezongen
Het heidense vuur zal weer branden
De tempels herrijzen in onze landen

7. Hell's Rock & Roll

The devil sat down
To hear the gospel choir
It made him sick
But kindled a desire
To have His own music
Hymns sung to Him
Music for the dark
Songs of sin

So the devil inspired
Some long-haired men
To dress in black
And play on ten
With razor guitars
And thundering bass
With pounding drums
And screams like crazed

Heavy Metal - Hell's rock & roll
Black Metal - Hell's rock & roll
Heavy Metal - Hell's rock & roll
Black Metal - Hell's rock & roll

Now the devil sits down
To hear the metal band
It makes Him smile
Evil made a stand
So we play on
Possessed by Hell
We just can't stop
It's the metal spell


8. Into Battle


9. Thus Spoke The Master

When nothing was all
I was already in the void
I was, am and shall be
When you have long been destroyed

My names are feared by the weak
But the strong always worship me
I am darkness and bring you light
I am slavery and set you free

I inspire the chosen elite
Of your miserable human race
Who achieve works of greatness
Who dare look into my face

Many of you deny me blindly
Because you don't dare pray to me
I am death and therefore life
Without me you wouldn't be

I am the pain in the heart of him
Whose name I cannot speak
I am the terror of the pious
The vilest horrors of the meek

I am eternal hatred
I am fire and I am ice
I have thousands of names
I only laugh at your puny cries

I expose the white-light hypocrisy
But knowledge has a price
You are man, you are nothing
Worship me or perish in lies

10. Dokkum 754

Ziet het verleden en ken de toekomst
Wat eens was zal wederom zijn

Een man loopt door het woud
Zijn haar is kort, gehuld in bruine pij
Op zijn borst een houten kruis
Een vijand, een indringer, dat is hij!

Hij spreekt over een vreemde god
Hij spreekt van vrede en vergeven
Maar kapt onze Wodanseik
Bonifatius zal niet lang meer leven
Spoedig voelt d'indringer onze toorn
Een bloedige overval zonder genade
Zijn heilige boek biedt geen bescherming
Tegen onze barbaarse zwaarden

De prediker der leugens is geslagen
Met hem al zijn metgezellen
Na bloed vloeit bier, een vreugdevuur
Laat dit allen doorvertellen
Maar wee! de predikers blijven komen
Beschermd door grote troepen soldaten
Doop of dood wordt onze keuze
O! hebben de goden ons verlaten?

Al dit gebeurde lang geleden
Na meer dan 1000 jaren pijn
Zijn wij terug om af te rekenen
Wat eens was zal wederom zijn!

11. On The Wings Of Azazel

Those who follow the 'celestial light'
Enslave their souls to illusions
Self-denial fed by holy fright
Righteous compulsion where Yahweh reigns
False prophets preach ancient fears
Will thy soul be free from chains?

On the wings of Azazel
Those who fear shall perish
Across dimensional boundaries
Into the dark reality

Those who embrace the 'mournful gloom'
Dare to see beyond false prophecies
In Lilith's night shine shrines of doom
Walk in the shadow of the Goat
Enter the fire of Moloch's empire
Join the chosen, swear the oath


12. Kneel Before The Master's Throne

I sold my soul in a cold & dark past
Infernal contract signed with evil blood
Gave 1000 years of earthly pleasures
Now I hear my Master calling me His child
I see the bridge glowing in the dark
Across the bridge of death I must walk
A godforsaken path to the eternal fire
Final part of the evil road I walked
Before long I will enter Hell and......

Dark desires of lust & evil in mind & soul
At last in Hell I will meet the Countess
Reward for lives of total darkness
Unholy 13 lives I lived on earth
Faithfully spreading the Horned One's gospel
Crossed the bridge I enter His kingdom
Halls of Hell full of fire & brimstone
Sword of thunder & steel still by my side
Before long I will see my Master and......