Live By The Sword
- March 24, 2023 (EP)
- n/a
- Orlok - vocals, bass
- Valgard - guitars
- Mortüüm - drums
- Häxa - keyboards

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Live By The Sword
by Countess
1. Raven Banners Fly
2. Spectre
3. Ballad Of Sigrid The Haughty
4. Deisidaimonia
5. On Wings Of Defiance

1. Raven Banners Fly

Through whirlwinds and lightning
The raven banners proudly fly
Our ships carve through the waves
As the hammer cracks the sky

Our foes have seen the omens
They tremble and fear our wrath
Never shall they know peace
While the ravens guide our path

Above our swords
The raven banners fly
Our foes do tremble
They know their end is nigh

We have reached the enemy shore
And embark with sword and shield
Stride through cold morning mist
Our foes fate is already sealed

We storm towards the monastery
The bells ring in fear and dismay
The monks soon to meet their doom
While the ravens guide our way

Above our swords
The raven banners fly
Our gods we honour
Let all hear our battle cry

"Summa pia gratia nostra conservando corpora et cutodita, de gente fera Normannica nos libera, quae nostra vastat, Deus, regna"

Their book shall not save them
They pray to their god in vain
No mercy for those of the lie
Their puny lives now end in pain

Our foes all enslaved or slain
For the glory of our gods so great
Forever We stand in defiance proud
While the ravens guide our fate

Above our swords
The raven banners fly
This victory we give
To He who sits in hall up high
He who sits in hall up high
He who sits in hall up high

2. Spectre

My cry fulfills the Enemies with fear, trampled in rage, WITH BLOOD ON MY SPEAR!
On wings I fly through the moonless sky, chasing the banners, to crush all their lies
I'm the terror of the cursed soil, frightening the odds with inhuman howl
They are forsaken by doom and hate, left by the gods, WITH A RESTLESS FATE~~~!

Bloody traces, a cruel path, none shall remain , BELOW AND ABOVE!
Horrible sounds like an evil sigh, possessed by spirits, of the righteous might
Imposed by vengeance and unsettling visions, I shall not rest, a final decision
Where I strike all life fades away, until I might rest ENTHRONED AND DECAYED~~~!



A Phantom unbound and unchained to kill, atrocious and grey, IS MY LAST WILL!
Driven by wrath, the unholy grail, I will succed, you're doomed to fail
Left without glory, a grave and betrayed, the bloodshed begins, they shall be impaled
The Horror continues with bestial howls, I am alive TO PURIFY YOUR SOULS~~~!


3. Ballad Of Sigrid The Haughty

Sigrid was a mighty queen of the north
A widow with many and great estates
And many a king did seek her hand
From afar they came to her land

Sigrid gave the small kings lodging
And all their folk she did host
But when all were drunk and asleep
They were put to fire and sword

Sigrid was now called the Haughty
Yet still courted by many a king
Among them Olaf traitor vile
Who sent her a false gold ring

Sigrid agreed to meet with Olaf
He insisted she be baptised
When her gods she would not forsake
Furious the ill-hearted king became

He struck and insulted her gravely
And Sigrid straight away foretold
This would be his death one day
She plotted revenge to make him pay

Sigrid married the Danish king
And created a powerful alliance
With her son the king of Sweden
And Earl Eirik son of Hakon

"The king-subduer raised a host
Of warriors on the Swedish coast.
The brave went southwards to the fight,
Who love the sword-storm's gleaming light;

The brave, who fill the wild wolf's mouth,
Followed bold Eirik to the south;
The brave, who sport in blood -- each one
With the bold earl to sea is gone."

(Haldor the Unchristian, quoted in Heimskringla, translation Samuel Laing)

On the raging sea their foe they met
The clang of sword and shield began
A fierce battle did unfold
One of the severest ever told

Many people were slain that day
And all of Olaf's ships cleared of men
Save the king's own mighty vessel
Until at last the allies boarded

Most of the men on Olaf's ship fell
Finally the king leaped overboard
Never to be seen or heard again
The allies raised a shout of victory

Sigrid had gotten her revenge
Against the king who affronted her
The traitor who abandoned his faith
Paid the price in the end

4. Deisidaimonia

Tread the Path of Destiny
Walk under the Sign
Guided by the light of Set
Will the moon ever shine?

Eternal desert lies ahead
The smile of Azazel
Whisper an ancient incantation
Cast an unholy spell

Descend into the darkest chamber
Celebrations of sin
Worship of Evil so much older
Than Prometheus' kin

Weird reality surrounds the chosen
Deep in Midgard's womb
Taste the smell of absurdity
In this infernal tomb

Manifestation on the altar
Pray to eternal truth
Sacrifice through fear and lust
Virgin flesh so smooth

Awake in forest of nowhere
Symphony through the haze
Innocent blood drowning your soul
The skyline is ablaze

5. On Wings Of Defiance

Like the tribes who fought the Romans
Like the pagans defending their gods
Like the Scots at Stirling Bridge
We shall struggle against the odds

Never to oppression shall we yield
Fighting with pride for what we believe
No matter how mighty our foe may be
With blood and steel all we can achieve

On the road of rebellion we ride in defiance
Against oppression and mindless compliance

On wings of defiance (4x)

We are the rebels who reject your rule
We are the infidels who fight your creed
We are preachers of the devil's sermon
Never to your power shall we cede

Against overwhelming forces we stand
In bloody battle we may fall and die
Yet our beliefs and ideals shall endure
You will never silence our battle cry

bridge / chorus

Like the Irish who fought an empire
Like the Spartans who stood at the gates
Like the emperor facing the church
We shall do battle in dire straits

In the past many fought for freedom
So many times their lives they gave
Their glorious deeds still inspire us all
Better die free than live as a slave

bridge / chorus