Ritual Of The 7 Priests
- July 17, 2018 (Digital single)
- n/a
- Orlok - vocals, bass
- Zagan - guitars
- Mortüüm - drums
- Häxa - keyboards

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Ritual Of The 7 Priests
by Countess
1. Ritual Of The 7 Priests

1. Ritual Of The 7 Priests

Blasting through the blackened sky
Knowing not but knowing still
Lost all sense of place and time
Yet filled with an evil thrill
Awakening in the black cathedral
Departing the dimensional gates
No need for any explanation
Knowing the task that awaits
Full moon shines in utter darkness
The hour of midnight drawing near
Tonight 13 the bells will chime
Tonight the holy tremble in fear

Behold the 7 innocent maidens
Behold the 7 velvet altars
Behold the 7 southern crosses
Behold . . .
Behold the 7 evil priests
Behold the 7 silver chalices
Behold the 7 silver daggers
Behold . . .

Sacrifices have been made, thunder and lightning appear
Rejoice in hideous blasphemy, know that the time is near

The chosen hail the Master well, lusting for hate and scorn
Crying out in evil ecstasy, "the Antichrist is born!"