Split EP with Sabbat
- 2017 (Split 7" EP)
- New Era Productions
- Orlok - vocals, bass
- Zagan - guitars
- Wolfram - drums
- Herjann - keyboards
Recorded live at the 'Veneration Of The Dead' festival in Rotterdam on April 4, 2015.

Split EP with Sabbat
by Countess
1. The Wrath Of Satan's Whore
2. Aleidis

1. The Wrath Of Satan's Whore

Into the noblest blood the Master's seed was sown
Married to gain Hungary's throne
Evil's incarnation, supreme in her day
Her deeds beyond words to her people's dismay
More than six times a hundred maidens fair
Lured into the countess' castle unaware
Dark lady of Hungary obsessed by blood
The virgins trapped in Hell cries in vain to God

Shed your blood oh virgins pure
To feed the wrath of Satan's whore
You've been chosen to let your blood
To make the mistress live for evermore

Gallons of blood she took for vampiric abuse
And for years nobody dared to accuse
But too many virgins vanished on her road to despair
Butchered by cruel servants in the countess' lair
Parents wailing while their daughters disappear
Her people for ages dwelt in terror and fear
Until at last she was caught and tried
Convicted and lacking her bloody diet she died

Cut off the source of virgins pure
Who fed the wrath of Satan's whore
Yet deep within her castle's endless halls
Linger still Erzs├ębet's desperate calls

2. Aleidis

I came to the old house in the dark night
I felt only a dark sensation, but no fright
The strange old man's words ran through my mind
In this unholy place, what would I find?

I entered the mansion, thinking I was alone
I saw a strange, ancient gravestone
Suddenly a woman's voice whispered my name
Or was the old man playing a silly game?

Aleidis came to me unimaginably beautiful
Dressed in white, while the moon was full
Suddenly I felt overcome by an unholy desire
But was she just young or an ages old vampire?

Maybe she was just a portrait, or a figment of my sick mind
But whatever the truth, she was the best wife I'd ever find
I loved her in a way I had never even known
But would the blood my love needed soon be my own?

She used to kill animals and suck their blood
She belonged to Satan, her soul lost by God
One day at last, she made my neck her unholy teeth feel
Now we are joined for eternity, but is this all real?