The Book Of The Heretic
- July 01, 1996 (CD, LP)
- Nazgul's Eyrie Productions (N.E.P. 014)
- Orlok - vocals, bass on tracks 1-12, guitars, keyboards on tracks 1-11
- Zagan - guitars, keyboards on track 12
- Warhead - drums on track 12
Recorded and mixed December 1995.

Re-pressed by Barbarian Wrath in July 2013. Re-released on vinyl by New Era Productions and Heidens Hart in 2020.

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1. I Believe (A Prayer In The Dark)

I believe in the devil
I have faith in the Master
I trust in Satan
I worship Lucifer

I kneel before His throne
I sin for His glory
I pledge Him my sword
I give Him my soul

2. On The Wings Of Azazel

Those who follow the 'celestial light'
Enslave their souls to illusions
Self-denial fed by holy fright
Righteous compulsion where Yahweh reigns
False prophets preach ancient fears
Will thy soul be free from chains?

On the wings of Azazel
Those who fear shall perish
Across dimensional boundaries
Into the dark reality

Those who embrace the 'mournful gloom'
Dare to see beyond false prophecies
In Lilith's night shine shrines of doom
Walk in the shadow of the Goat
Enter the fire of Moloch's empire
Join the chosen, swear the oath


3. Forgotten

My grave feels cold
But the flame of hate
Still burns inside
I cannot pass the Gate

Trapped in this void
The gods set me free
To avenge the forgotten
To avenge them and me

Invincible sword by Hephæstus forged placed in my hands
On the eight-legged steed of Woden himself I will roam the lands
Return from the depths to fight the world, I will spare none
Those who denied me, lied and deceived soon will be gone

I was forgotten
Now feel my wrath
Blood of my enemies
Drenches my path

Pools of blood will shower from my blade, steel doth prevail
Slay their servants take their daughters and wives, like a fierce gale
Cowards and traitors meet their just fate, fall by my sword
My holy quest leaves me to rule, undead overlord


I'll wipe out the traces left in my world by the crucified fool
I'll light again torches of old when the moon's full
Shrines of my forefathers long since forgotten I will restore
I'll lead my people back again to the ancient lore


4. In Hate Of Christ

I burn his image and mock his words
I tread on his cross and spit in his face
I insult his father and slay his believers
I worship his adversary and loathe his love
'cos I live my life in hate of Christ
And I will die in hate of Christ
And I will burn in hate of Christ

In hate of Christ

I curse his gospels and laugh at his pain
I burn his churches and piss on his saints
I torture his followers and deny his birth
I break his commandments and indulge in sin
'cos I live my life in hate of Christ
And I will die in hate of Christ
And I will burn in hate of Christ

In hate of Christ

5. Give Me Your Soul

Welcome to my lair, darling
I hope you do enjoy the view
You will stay for a while, won't you?
How about eternity, for a start?

Give me your soul

Welcome to my chambers, darling
Yes, it's cold in here, in absence of God
But don't be afraid, it's not just your flesh I want
And don't you think I'm after your blood

Give me your soul

Welcome to my Hell, darling
Yes, I do want your flesh
And yes, I will drink your blood
But most of all I crave your soul

Give me your soul

6. Creation

Ere dawn of man His power great
Wrought armour strong and grievous hate
To welcome mortal life on earth
When last the dust of time giveth birth
To His ill-will to bend their ways
To shape their doom!
To lead astray the children fair
Formed by Creator's hands
For in the North 'neath hills of stone
In caverns black was made a throne
By fires illuminated underground
That winds of ice with moaning sound
Made flare and flicker in dark smoke;
A place that mortals feared and choked
A place that mortals feared and choked
When shadowed by His ghastly claw
Lo! Wisdom dark doth have the few
Who dare listen to His tune
Afore His throne
His servants ever shalt they be
To share His fate yet never to be free
Alas, no thrall doth dwell within these endless halls
The wish to rule has brought them forth
Shapeth they are the chosen few
To spread the word, to rule a world anew
A vast design brewed in His evil lair
A bane o'er God's own children fair!
For their master to gaze on in utter woe
The wrath and power of his hidden foe
To bring creation to a fiery end!
To a fiery end!

7. A Warlord's Swansong

High in a tower, far away from daily life
And old man sits on his throne
The room is dim and you can hardly hear
The city that spreads down below
Dreams of faded glory haunt his memory
The vultures are waiting, he knows it too well!
And mournful he wishes he could return
To days of youth and to shatter the world . . .

His aching limbs remind him
There's a price that's soon to pay
And this time his power won't save him
From the reaper who's after his soul . . .

Oh, how hard it is for a warrior
To bear the spears Old Age throws
When the way to death - which he never feared!
Is paved with misery and pain . . .
Looking back, he doth ask himself:
"Whom did I do all this for?"
His own sons did fall long years ago
Sacrificed on his path to fame . . .

Remembrance leaves him smiling
For moments the warmth of life hath burned
But then his knowledge doth return
There's a price that's soon to pay . . .

Uneasy he shifts around on his throne
Death's icy grip, it's ever so near!
What no one suspects, he doth know it well
For the Horned One's assistance he'll soon have to pay
In early days of mindless youth
Light-hearted was his oath
And though he did serve very well
He's still afraid to go . . .

For no longer can he set the rules
He's soon to play the Master's game
And that thought leaves him worrying
About the price that's soon to pay . . .

The screams of the dying, the wailing of widows
Yes, he sent many souls to burn!
The hatred he brewed for the minds of men
Is the fuel of the fires of Hell!
He washed the streets with the blood of his victims
Not once, but wherever he came
And the thought of their souls serving him soon
Doth make him shiver with joy . . .

And no longer is he fearful
With pleasure he will heed the Call
The loving presence of the Master
Maketh this price a joy . . .

8. Mediæval Shadows


9. Chapel Of Doom

A morbid organ fills the chapel of doom
With horrible sounds, litanies of gloom
Oh! Lady of darkness, the Goat is so near
Are you in trance, or filled with fear?
Are you a victim, of an unspeakable rite
Or a black priestess sacrificing at night
Maybe you are trapped within a spell
Who will ever know, who will ever tell?

Where must I travel? Where must I go?
To find your soul, or maybe my own?
Will I find you where eagles fly?
Or to find you, must I die?

Will you fly on the first night of May
To the Harz or even further away?
Will I ever be able to set you free
Or will you be damned eternally?
Caught in a spell outside my life
I beg of thee, Master, let her be my wife!
The horns, the sign, the blood, the tears
We all walk in shadows of ancient fears


10. All The Master's Children (A Pilgrim At The Gate Of Sin)

Gazing into the Transylvanian mist
Lifted before me were the veils of time
An ancient force of darkness guided my soul
Whispering a cold, mysterious rhyme
Thus I caught a glimpse of a long forgotten past
Reflected in the silver circle way up high
I froze in the fog struck by these horrors
Unaware if I would live or die

Through rites by mortals long forgotten
One with darkness in wind and rain
Engulfed by echoes of a distant past
That stilled my loneliness and pain

Ancient castles, demons and witches
Lost in the fog between joy and fear
Twisted roads and invisible tombstones
The smell of purest evil so near

Then a black coach drawn by black horses
Appeared through the fog without a sound
The horses unlike any earthly beings
The coach surely for Hell was bound

Filled with fog, the night dark and cold
On through the red mist His children fly
Those whose souls have long been sold
Have heard His call, His ancient cry
A silver circle 'midst the blackened sky
The full moon to guide their paths
Witches and wolves, warlocks all fly
All of His creatures of wrath

All the Master's children...we are lechery
All the Master's children...we are gluttony
All the Master's children...we are usury
All the Master's children...we are avarice
All the Master's children...we are sloth
All the Master's children...we are anger
All the Master's children...we are pride
All the Master's children

I was shown the splendour of Satan
Made love to the Countess in eternal lust
The wisdom of ages dawned on my mind
The cross must be turned to ashes to dust

I saw a sword covering three wolf teeth
On a blood red crest like an abysmal gate
Shadows from the depths strengthened my soul
To wield the powers of darkness and hate

Dawn approached the Carpathian mountains
My soul returned from the astral plane
To ride again the four winds of the earth
To blaspheme and conquer in the Master's name

11. The Heretic's Torch

At last existence to be seen
As it has always been
Life and death always an illusion
The end brings only more confusion
Chaos, the truthful answer why
And even chaos itself a lie
Good is evil, black is white
The dark is light, the day is night
The end brings no escape
A new beginning will take shape
Impossible to annihilate eternity
Slaves to existence we'll always be

12. De Gift Der Goden

In tijden reeds lang vervlogen
Aanbaden wij onze ware goden
Gebroken werd de Romeinse macht
Met moed en eer, met trouw en kracht
Maar door ons koude staal verslagen
Bleven d'indringers ons belagen
Met een vals geloof en zonder gevecht
Onze voorvad'ren alsnog geknecht

Waarlijk, de godenschemering volbracht
Hamer verruild voor kruis, trots voor onmacht
Maar Hij die voor wijsheid een oog heeft gelaten
Wist dat Zijn volk hun goden zouden verlaten
En Hij die doolt wilde hen behoeden voor deze val
Dus brouwden de goden een magische gift in hun hal
Om het oude geloof diep verborgen in hun zielen te bewaren
Ook al zou de Christus heersen, vele en vele jaren

De gift der goden
Overleefde de doden
De gift der goden
Weerstond de geboden

Talloze eeuwen gekomen en gegaan
De gift heeft barre tijden doorstaan
Geslacht op geslacht doorgegeven
De verborgen machten zullen leven
Het valse geloof teruggedrongen
Oeroude liederen wederom gezongen
Het heidense vuur zal weer branden
De tempels herrijzen in onze landen