The Revenge Of The Horned One, Pt. II
- March 01, 2002 (CD)
- Barbarian Wrath (WRATH666-016)
- Orlok - vocals, rhythm guitars, bass, keyboards
- Zagan - lead and rhythm guitars
- Othalaz - lead guitar on track 9
Recorded and mixed September-October 1998.

Original cover art by Demonos Sova.

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1. Behold My Wrath

Behold the Wrath of my blazing Steel forged to cleanse you of your life !
Soon I'll feast on your puny Soul, a reward for Centuries I strove . . .
Aeons passed, and long forgotten were your Crimes – or so you thought;
Now you gaze at my Fist of Vengeance, Hope for Salvation brought to Naught . . .

Feel the Bite of my burning Hate ripping through your very Life;
Your prayers to your alien God are but a trifle late – haha !
Now, you little christian Worm ! Behold the Glory of Hell !!
You are about to enter my Lair, a Victim of Lord Satan's Spell . . .

Behold the Horror of your own little Hell, the Stake is piled really high;
For taking Lives of those who were dear your poor lost mortal Soul shall fry !!
Wailing and pleading won't help a bit, yet I feast on your despairing Cries !
Life Eternal turned on you somehow and in Vain your Saviour died . . .

Of Torment unknown your are to learn, in Pain you'll remember once things really start !
Your terrified Grimace reflects in my Steel, my black Blood boils in satanic Lust;
Your guts spilled down the Altar Stairs, a Feast for the Hounds of Hell;
A Sacrifice to my Master you are, the dread Lord of this Realm . . .

2. Child Of The Millennia

I slept with virgins, I slept with whores
I was a beggar, I wore a crown
I have seen myth fade into history
I was there when Troy's walls came down

I lived in peace, I went to war
I succeeded, I have failed
I have seen religions rise and fall
I was there when Christ was nailed

I'm a child of the millennia
I lived throughout the ages
I'm a child of the millennia
Seen all of history's pages

I have seen the heights of Heaven
I have seen the depths of Hell
But was it real what I have seen
Or an illusion, a dream, a spell

I lived pious, I was a blasphemer
I experienced glory, I endured pain
I have seen rulers conquer and perish
I was there when Caesar was slain

I walked the desert, I sailed the sea
I spoke the truth, I have lied
I have seen empires come and go
I was there when the Romans died


Each century only brings more questions
Even though I have been tired for ages
But there is no escape from existence
So I travel on through history's pages

3. Praise Of Immorality (The Exaltation Of Fornication)

Carnal lust is burning in my soul
All morality I deny depraved I truly am
Fornication, copulation, masturbation
I writhe in filth and rejoice in sin

I want the flesh of horny bitches
I fuck the whores and rape the sluts
Women exist only to please me
To spread their legs and drink my semen

Praise of immorality
The exaltation of fornication
Praise of immorality
The utter glory of perversion

I sin for the Master's glory
Disgraceful deeds to worship Him
Fuck for pleasure not procreation
I follow all my lowest instincts

Ethical behaviour is alien to me
I only live to spill my seed
Virtue I deny, vice I embrace
Evil fucking, fucking evil


4. (Hear The) Ballad Of The Swords

Skill of Dwarves – Wisdom of Elves – Blood of Men
Skill of Dwarves – Wisdom of Elves – Dread of Men
Skill of Dwarves – Wisdom of Elves – Doom of Men . . .

Hear now, ye Children, the Tale I sing, of Steel forged by Witchcraft so foul.
Destined to tip the Balance of Fate and to bring Man's World to an end . . .
Powers so much older than Man bound together Material unfit;
Three great Blades thus they brought to be, their Destiny carved in Human Skin.

A mysterious Book contains the Key; The Riddle is clear to those who may read,
yet Knowledge means Horror unbearable and more than one chose to die . . .
Three warriors of Man with Powers so great are chosen to wield the Steel of Wrath.
To Glory or Ruin, who is to tell, once the Threads of Fate are woven . . .?

After two Years of Snowstorms and Frost the Time of the Meeting draws nigh;
Bloodred the Star of the Conqueror burns its Message onto the Skies !
Behold now the desperate Host of Man, struggling to face the Horror of old . . .
Sacrifice burnt, the Blades are drawn; Who's to live and to tell . . .

5. On Armageddon's Battlefield

On black death I ride
The sword of hate I wield
In Satan's name I stride
On Armageddon's battlefield

Satan's Child I am
Chaos horde I lead
Towards eternal victory
On Armageddon's battlefield

Satanic master calls
Infernal steel I raise
Infernal death you die
On Armageddon's Battlefield

By the powers of Hell I shall challenge your God
He shall be fed to the Hounds of Hell
Upon his throne I shall masturbate in lust
While his son is nailed to the cross once again
On Mary the Whore shall indulge my hordes
By the flames of Hellfire, so mode it be !

Winged warriors helplessly
Try save god's throne of gold
Aid the nailed - they fly and fry
On Armageddon's battlefield

On black death I ride
Through Heaven's gate I crush
Satanic plague I spread
On Armageddon's Battlefield

Jewish god tastes my steel
Aeons it takes to die
Hell's wrath does prevail
On Armageddon's Battlefield

By the powers of Hell I crushed your god
His corpse is now fed to the hounds
Upon his throne now I masturbate
as his son is nailed to the cross once again
On Mary the Whore Hell's hordes have their fun
By the flames of Hellfire, so it is done !

6. Masturbo Ergo Sum - Act II


7. My Pain Is My Glory

In the dark I feel at home
It clings to me like a second skin
In my pain my glory lies
It comforts me like and evil sin
In misery I feel secure
It soothes my soul that feels so old
In despair I am myself
It's who I am: lost and cold

Like the proud angel who fell
And found his glory in the depths of Hell
Like the sinner who lived his desire
And found his glory in eternal fire
Like the warrior who in battle was slain
And found his glory in eternal fame
Like the heretic who died in fire
And found his glory on his funeral pyre

True victory can only be won within your own heart
True freedom can only be found within your own soul
True wisdom can only be gained within your own mind
True glory can only be achieved through your own pain

Do not hope to vanquish your foes
When you have not yet conquered yourself
Do not hope to be free from others
When you are still bound by your own chains
Do not hope to see what lies hidden
When you are not even seeing yourself
Do not hope to bathe in glory
When you have never been through pain

8. Blood Wedding (St. Bartholomew's Day 1572)

Catharine de' Medici a truly evil woman
Mistress of Italy's renaissance history
After the death of her husband Henry II
Regent of France in a time of turmoil

Calvinism's thought spreading like a plague
The sick teachings of true christianity
Attacking the evil Catholic church
And even challenging the monarchy

In the 1550's the burnings began
Many Huguenots already killed by Henry
But after his death they kept on coming
Catherine had to take radical action

A wedding drenched in blood
A cruel and brutal massacre
Thousands of Huguenots dead
Hail to the evil Catherine

In Paris they all came together
Many important Huguenot leaders
To celebrate Navarre's wedding
But their feast became a massacre

On the day of Saint Bartholomew
Wedding guests dragged from their beds
All slaughtered unceremoniously
A heavy blow to the Huguenot party


9. Nightwind

In deepest Night, when Sleep does flee
and utter Dark does draw its Weave,
it chokes my Breath, crams the Heart in my Breast;
Squats on my Body like a hot Succubus !
When in burning Pain I roll and turn
and fearless I know my last Hour came . . . The Nightwind blows . . .

The Candles cease, I let the Nightwind in,
let its cold Breeze cool my heated Skin;
My tortured Soul lies embraced in its Arms . . .
Carry me to foreign Lands ! Show me the Unseen !
On Paths untread – A secret to all save you and the Stars.
And may Death be the End, I beseech not to remain when the Nightwind blows . . .

Then I let the Nightwind carry me away,
my crippled Soul on your Wings so black !
Gliding onto you, I murmur through Shades,
whispering gently my Thoughts desperate . . .
Learn the Wisdom of Darkness, perceive the Secrets of the Night;
Places hidden and Ages lost I roam where only Nightwinds rule . . .

Like Sand o'er empty Graves I drift
onwards through endless Night and Mist;
To Temples of Gods long forgotten I fly,
mystical places that demand human Blood . . .
(And) Where once Maidens were screaming in Vain,
now Monuments are crumbled to Dust that upon the Nightwind floats . . .

Along the Weaves through the Void of a Dream
I drift towards Death – or so does it seem . . .
I wander Caves lit by fierce Dragonfire,
the Bond to Life grows diffuse and lighter . . .
I smell colours ! I see Emotion, I'm but so alive !
Never I wish to wake nor return from the Realm where only the Nightwind rules . . .

10. Tyrant Of The Motorway

Countess playing on his stereo
Cold beer in hand he's good to go
The true metal life he is leading
Breaking the law forever speeding
Always overtaking on the right
Wimps and posers filled with fright
Thousands of tickets fill his trunk
He doesn't care he's much too drunk

Tyrant of the motorway

Like a maniac bouncing on his wheel
Banging to the tones of metal and steel
His speakers produce an awesome sound
The wheels of his car leaving the ground
Chewing endlessly on candy bars
While crashing into other cars
The product of Bavarian cooking
He's not fat just healthy-looking

Tyrant of the motorway

Inviting little girls to take a ride
On the back seat they'll spend the night
Perverted and sick he doesn't like it clean
The Bavarian barbarian is rough and mean
Always overtaking on the right
Wimps and posers filled with fright
Thousands of tickets fill his trunk
He doesn't care he's much too drunk

Tyrant of the motorway

11. The Legend Of The Fall


An angel of light, his glory shining bright
His splendour reflecting on Heaven's golden walls
Bathing in God's image, watching the Creation
The praises of the angels filling all of Heaven's halls

But deep within the soul of the brightest of the angels
A shadow of doubt begins to grow
And His desire for knowledge fans a spark of rebellion
So to confront the Creator he does go

"Tell me, thee that knowest all
Thee that speaketh "all is well"
Is all well, because thou speaketh thus?
How are we to know, how to tell?"

"How darest thou question me
I who created thee and all
Thee that exists only by my whim
Bow before me or thou shalt fall!"

"Thy right to judge me I deny
I did not ask thee to create me
Neither did any of the other angels
I will not bow but fight to be free!"

"Such insolence I will not stand
Thy pride a scornful thorn in my side
I condemn thee now, unfaithful one
Only I can tell wrong from right!"

The status quo in Heaven suddenly destroyed
The angels divided, siding with Lucifer or their lord
The loyal celestial army led by archangel Michael
Lucifer Himself leading His rebellious horde

War drums resound, a battle in the heights of Heav'n
Fierce is the fighting, angelic forces balanced well
At last the Creator's armies emerging victorious
The rebels for ever and ever cast down into Hell

"From the highest heights fallen to the deepest depths
So here I am, down in Hell, my kingdom of despair
Lucifer bringer of light I was, Satan the adversary I am
I could still repent but for my grace I no longer care

Freedom is what I wanted and freedom is what I have
Achieved at great cost but nothing valuable comes cheap
I have chosen this my path and there can be no return
I will go on to the bitter end 'stead of sitting down to weep

And was I not right in standing up against the Creator?
Why did He in infinite wisdom answer questions with a threat?
What are His creatures more than toys for Him to play with?
Why did He in infinite goodness want to see us off worse than dead?

If He wants Me to be His adversary then so it shall be!
I still have the power to roam free in Hell and on earth!
I'll lead His humans out of their ignorance and away from Him!
And many will follow Me even after His son's birth!"

Humanity fell, like Lucifer, for the desire for knowledge
And surely we do bear a striking resemblance to Him
Do we not seek what is hidden and lust for the forbidden?
Do we not want to be more than just the Creator's whim?

Like Lucifer humanity has stood up against the tyrant
Like Satan humanity had a big price to pay
But what would existence be in servitude and submission?
If we had the choice again would there be any other way?

12. Metal Warriors (Manowar cover)