The Wolves Awake
- 1994 (Demo)
- n/a
- Orlok - vocals, bass
- Imogem - guitars, keyboards, bass on track 6
- Othalaz - guitars, keyboards
- Sablast - drums
First 100 copies came with a bonus track (Full Moon Baptism). For the next edition of 100 copies the demo was remixed.

The Wolves Awake
by Countess
1. Endless Mist (Intro)
2. Crypt of the Wolves
3. Into Battle
4. The Silent Rose of Sin
5. Aleidis
6. Yr (Outtro)
7. Full Moon Baptism

1. Endless Mist (Intro)

2. Crypt of the Wolves

3. Into Battle


4. The Silent Rose of Sin

5. Aleidis

I came to the old house in the dark night
I felt only a dark sensation, but no fright
The strange old man's words ran through my mind
In this unholy place, what would I find?

I entered the mansion, thinking I was alone
I saw a strange, ancient gravestone
Suddenly a woman's voice whispered my name
Or was the old man playing a silly game?

Aleidis came to me unimaginably beautiful
Dressed in white, while the moon was full
Suddenly I felt overcome by an unholy desire
But was she just young or an ages old vampire?

Maybe she was just a portrait, or a figment of my sick mind
But whatever the truth, she was the best wife I'd ever find
I loved her in a way I had never even known
But would the blood my love needed soon be my own?

She used to kill animals and suck their blood
She belonged to Satan, her soul lost by God
One day at last, she made my neck her unholy teeth feel
Now we are joined for eternity, but is this all real?

6. Yr (Outtro)

7. Full Moon Baptism

The moor lies black . . . unholy clock strikes twelve
Trumpets break the silence . . . the wind is howling
Bloodred torches blaze . . . tearing the night apart
Hideous people appear . . . sick laughter is heard
Forming a circle . . . around a vacant throne
Suddenly they kneel . . . the Master arrived
Sits on the throne . . . the Sabbatic Goat
Time to worship . . . osculum obscenum

All over the moor . . . strong stench of blood
Sacrifices commenced . . . twelve hanged men
Little dead children . . . with golden daggers cut
Drink the blood . . . unholy communion
Witches and demons . . . rejoice in sin
Unbelievable orgy . . . ritual debasement
Demons play music . . . the faithful dance
New converts step forth . . . Full Moon Baptism