Fires Of Destiny
- June 30, 2016 (CD)
- n/a
- Orlok - vocals, bass
- Zagan - guitars
- Mortüüm - drums
- Häxa - keyboards
Recorded and mixed between February and May 2016.

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1. Runenlied

Aan de boom in de wind hing Hij
Negen dagen en negen nachten
Drank en voedsel ontbeerde Hij
Een beproeving van al zijn krachten
Aan de boom in de wind hing Hij
Gegeven aan Zichzelf door Zijn speer
Omlaag turend in peilloze diepten
Greep hij de runen en keerde weer

Leesbare, krachtige, sterke staven
Geritst door de grootste der goden
Leesbare, krachtige, sterke staven
Gekleurd door de heer der doden
Ons Zijn volk schonk Hij de runen
Rood kleurden wij de heilige staven
Eeuwenlang wierpen wij de runen
Gadegeslagen door twee zwarte raven

Lang werd ons geloof wreed onderdrukt
Toch bleven de runen altijd bewaard
Door Zijn gruwelijk offer verkregen
Sleutels tot onze verloren aard
Der staven wijsheid zal ons leiden
De oude kennis zal onze zielen laven
De macht der heilige runen hervonden
Weer werpen wij de sacrale staven

2. Fly The Battle Flag

History is written always by the victors
Behind their walls of lies the truth lies hidden
Yet the past shall not remain forever obscured
Even when the symbols of verity are forbidden

Raise the sacred banner
Remember those who fell
Fly the flag of defiance
Shout out the rebel yell

Fly the flag of honour and pride
Raise the banner for all those who died
Fly the flag of the brave and the bold
Remember the glory and heroes of old

Throughout the bloody pages of mankind's past
Always the brave stood against impossible odds
The Greeks at the gates, the sons of the south
The children of Europe who were true to their gods



Remember the heroes who stood against oppression
Honour their legacy and speak their names with pride
Fly the flag they valiantly carried into battle
They stood against the tyrant and gloriously died



3. Fires Of Destiny

The walls of the city - are slowly crumbling
Once again Europe's fate - hangs by a thread
For two long months - the siege has now lasted
The garrison weakened - filled with dread

Another bloody chapter will be written
In the endless struggle 'tween east and west
Like so many times in history before
The steel of Europe shall be put to the test
Supplies depleted, in the grip of fatigue
Desperation behind old strong walls
Bonfires suddenly light the night sky
The allies arrive before the city falls

The fires of destiny burn in the night
For freedom, for glory, for Europe we fight
The enemy forces shall meet their fates
They shall not breach the city's gates

Never before were we pushed back so far
Destiny unfolds on this field today
September 12 never forgotten
Ten thousand enemies shall we slay
Like the Spartans millennia before us
We stand against invading eastern hordes
They fight well with all their might
Yet shall fall 'neath our shining swords


Infantry and cavalry now attack the enemy
A massive bloody battle that lasts all day
The crescent moon is engulfed by clouds
By nightfall our foe is forced to give way
Our foes destroyed, running for their lives
A victory achieved unheard of before
Many the spoils of this glorious triumph
Centuries ahead shall see much war

The fires of destiny burn in the night
For freedom, for glory, for Europe we fight
The enemy forces have met their fates
They did not breach the city's gates
The fires of destiny burn in the night
For freedom, for glory, for Europe we fight
The enemy's expansion brought to a halt
The steel of Europe withstood their assault

4. Rise Of The Horned One

The evil ritual has been completed
Now the 7 priests' work is done
All shall hail the chosen one

Far away the wolf cries evil
The sons of Abraham doomed to die
Slaves shall serve the end is nigh

Rise of the horned one
Evil shall now prevail
Ascent of the chosen son
All hail the unholy grail

The horned one rises from the sea
All shall worship the scarlet beast
Forces of destruction are released

He reigns over the kings of earth
The second coming never to be
The dragon rises for all to see


The world takes the mark of the beast
Behind his banner armies assemble
In fear saints and angels tremble

The horned one's revenge is complete
The holy city reduced to dust
Heaven torn apart by wrath and lust


5. Plague Upon The Pious

Watch them pray, watch them kneel
See them crawl before their worthless god
Hear their slander, hear their lies
Listen to their vile self-righteous cries
Their false god does not hear their pleas
They'll die as they lived, on their knees

May the plague strike the holy
Pestilence and death upon the believers
Devout Worship is of no avail
Their pleas powerless, their prayers fail

Plague upon the pious
Like a fist of wrath from their vengeful god
Plague upon the pious
See the holy drown in a lake of blood

Their skin decays, their bodies spasm
Vomiting blood in excruciating pain
Clerics and believers suffering alike
Powerless against this wrathful strike
Their just fate for adhering to lies
Persisting in ignorance, scorning the wise

May the plague strike the holy
Black death and famine upon the believers
Cries to their god are of no avail
Holy writ is powerless, their lies fail

Plague upon the pious
Like a storm of steel from the ancient ways
Plague upon the pious
See the holy perish in a gruesome blaze

Plague upon the pious
Like a sea of rage from the gods of yore
Plague upon the pious
See the holy decay in agony and gore
Plague upon the pious
Like a force of vengeance from times gone by
Plague upon the pious
See the holy crumble their end is nigh

6. Today Is A Good Day To Die

With forty legions we march into battle
Amidst rivers of lava and walls of fire
On through a hot, smouldering canyon
An honourable death is all we desire
I hear my brother chanting a battle cry
His eyes bulging with revenge and hate
His blade takes down two dozen men
Many fall on this day of darkened fate

We stand tall in a lake of blood
Our warrior souls do rejoice
Walls of fire and rivers of lava
All we hear is our war god's voice
Today is a good day to die

We stand against overwhelming odds
Our ranks thinning 'til but three remain
To stand against our foe's entire army
But our fallen brothers did not die in vain
Three great warriors from legends of old
Fighting an army a magnificent sight
Taking the high ground the sun in our back
Forcing them to battle against blinding light

We stand tall in a lake of blood
Our warrior souls do rejoice
Three men against an army
All we hear is our war god's voice
Today is a good day to die

Our swords are axes soar like the wind
Enemy heads and limbs fly through the air
Drunk with battle frenzy we are invincible
Bent on destroying our foe in his own lair
After a day and a night of glorious battle
Victory is ours no more enemies to fight
The mountainside is covered with dead
Not a square meter of ground in sight

We stand tall in a lake of blood
Our warrior souls do rejoice
A mountainside covered with dead
All we hear is our war god's voice
Today is a good day to die

Our enemy's body we find by the river
Its waters running red with spilled blood
From his torn carcass we cut out his heart
For us to feast on in honour of our war god
Today is a good day to die

7. Choir Of The Valkyries

On the misty battlefield
Many fallen warriors lie
When eerie chants of woe
Slowly emerge from the sky

As the ghostly chanting swells
The chosen slain slowly rise
Leaving flesh and blood behind
While two ravens circle the skies

Hear the choir
Of the valkyries sing
Hear them call
All the slain to the hall
See the host
Of the valkyries fly
Watch them bear
All the elect to the sky

The chanting goddesses carry
The chosen fallen from the field
To their father's glorious hall
And again steel they shall wield


8. Treason Of Kings

Our sacred rulers, those born of the blood
Themselves descendants of the great one-eyed god
Our worship they guide, into battle they lead
To our kings loyal and true their call we heed

When to western shores came the alien god
Many kings saw use for this vile exotic fraud
Embracing the cross they turned from our path
All refusing to comply would face their wrath

The kings betrayed their ancient gods
For wealth and power forsook their blood
Deceit for honour, hypocrisy for pride
The lies embraced and the gods denied
The kings betrayed their ancient gods
To serve foul lies from far away
The soul they tore from their loyal kin
Casting chains of guilt and sin

Not all kings forsook the way of their blood
Some stood proud in defiance of the one god
Many a pagan king died for the ways of old
Refusing to bow to the foreign faith's hold


9. See The Ravens Fly

Kinship will be defiled
The sun's beams shall turn black
An age of axe and sword
The tree shall shudder, the giants attack

Harsh it is in the world
The earth turns red with gore
Siblings slay each other
Shields will be cloven, monsters will roar

See the ravens fly
Across the northern sky
Hear the ravens cry
The end is nigh
Hear the loud horn call
Soon the gods shall fall
See the flames devour
Man shall cower

Blood thirst is everywhere
The world's fate is revealed
An age of wind and wolf
The gods know sorrow, soon they must yield

Prophecy will be fulfilled
The heavens engulfed by fire
Ship of the dead sets sail
Earth is in chaos, desperate and dire


Do you still seek to know?

Flames shall consume the world
The earth and mountains shake
An age of greed and gloom
The stars will vanish, all bonds will break

The rainbow bridge shall crack
The gods slain by their foes
The earth sinks into the sea
Death and destruction, hear the death throes


See the ravens fly
Across the northern sky
Hear the ravens cry
And now the end of time is nigh

10. Bard Van Het Verleden

Ik ben de bard van het verleden
Luister naar mijn tragisch lied
De nevelen van het vervlogene
Gaan uiteen als ik dit gebied

Ooit waren er chaos en leegte
Tussen vuur en ijs ingesloten
Tot een grote reus ontstond
Goden kwamen onverdroten

Gedrieën velden zij de gigant
Uit zijn enorme kolossenlijf
Schiepen zij de Midden-Gaarde
Eer zij bouwden het godenverblijf

Uit zijn vlees de aarde
Uit zijn bloed de zee
Uit zijn botten de bergen

Uit chaos creëerden zij orde
Zon en maan, dag en nacht
Dwerg en mens schiepen zij
De Azen-Gaarde in al zijn pracht

Veel nut hadden wij van de goden
Die zich vaak onder ons begaven
Immer beschermde Donar ons
Wodan gaf ons de sterke staven

De goden leerden wijze lessen
Lachen deden zij ons ook vaak
Het zingen van de daden der goden
Was een geëerde en heilige taak

Te hunner ere verrezen tempels
In Midden-Gaarde al was goed
Duizenden jaren aanbaden wij
De ware goden van ons bloed

Tot een vreemd geloof ons knechtte
Onderdrukking ons lot van vele jaren
Amper konden wij de herinnering
Aan de goden van weleer bewaren

Ik ben de bard van het verleden
Mijn verzen doen de goden ontwaken
Uit de mist treden zij tevoorschijn
Nimmer meer zullen wij hen verzaken